Crime mystery simmers in rural NZ

— Linda Thompson





Remember Me By Charity Norman, Allen & Unwin, $32.99 .. .. .. .. .. .. Another startlingly good crime novel from Norman, who already made her mark with Freeing Grace and See You In September, along with four other novels. This is set firmly in rural New Zealand, and the atmosphere is at once sombre and gentle. The close-knit community has always wondered what happened to Leah Parata, a brilliant young scientist who disappeared into thin air leaving not a trace. Emily returns from living overseas to care for her doctor father, now suffering from dementia. It's always been a troubled relationship where Emily felt he didn't have time or interest in her. But now Emily begins to understand her father — and some awful truths about his past which may well have remained hidden. As he slips further into dementia, he begins revealing secrets. The atmosphere is revealed in this mystery which has haunted the community for 25 years. But the ending isn't at all what you think it's going to be. This was never going to be a simple story, and there are other factors at play. Beautifully written, with characters that stay long over you close the book.