Dental Health




+he Check Up

With the busy lives that many of us lead, it’s so easy to let certain things slide. Your routine health check-ups that are supposed to be every 6 months suddenly move into a year, then even two years between appointments. Often, if you can’t see or feel a problem, you assume you’ll be ok putting off a regular dentist check up for another 6 months. The problem with that is before you know it, you are in pain and something that could have been rather minor has now turned into a bigger problem with an even bigger procedure needed. Minor Problems Are Far More Fixable If you catch a minor problem in time, such as a small cavity or plaque buildup, then you’re far less likely to encounter major issues such as the cavity getting bigger and needing a crown or tooth removal. Major Dental Problems Cause Damage You Can’t Reverse Enamel degradation and problems resulting in tooth removal are just two examples of dental problems you won’t be able to fully recover from. Your Teeth Will Age and Fall out Faster if You Don’t Get Them Checked Those who don’t get regular dental check-ups will find their teeth ‘age’ faster, causing you to need expensive replacements in the form of dentures and so on. Get your teeth checked routinely to ensure they last you a lifetime.