Do Your Ears Need Cleaning?




+he Check Up

Blocked Ears Can Cause Hearing Loss! Hearing Whanganui provides a professional service with a Registered Nurse to remove wax and debris by using micro-suction to gently and safely clear the ear canals for only $50. This is also the best method of wax removal for people suffering from tinnitus. Having your ears cleaned could help improve hearing and discomfort immediately. If you wear hearing aids, we can clean them for you too, a free service we offer while your ears are being cleaned. Phone 06 347 9743 to have your ears cleaned by our Registered Nurse using the most up to date technology of micro suction. Your ears will love you for it! We also provide free ear checking, so if you think you have wax or debris in your ears but are not sure then call into the office and we will have a look for you for free. This service is available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4pm. We will have a look and advise you straight away if your ears need to be cleaned or not. Hearing Whanganui is a Charitable Organisation helping our Whanganui Community by offering this free checking service.