Checking Your Will




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What is a will? Your will is often your last message to your loved ones. It is a legal document that is unique to you and can help make sure your assets, the people and things you love are taken care of after you’re gone. It also specifies who is responsible for carrying out your final wishes; this person is known as the executor of your will. Why do I need a will? No matter how straightforward your circumstances, having a current will makes sure everyone understands what you’d like done with your estate. Your estate is everything you own and any debts you owe when you die. Without a will the law determines how your assets are divided and what happens to the people who depend on you What’s the process after you’re gone? After you’re gone, a process begins to settle your estate as set out in your will. Managing this process is an executor – the person or organisation you name to act on your behalf. When should I update my will? It’s really important to review your will regularly, especially after any significant events or changes in your life like welcoming a new baby, ending or starting a relationship and buying or selling a home or business.