Whanganui Midweek - 2021-10-13


New 'duckbill' diffusers for wastewater ocean outfall

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Newly-made “duckbill” effluent diffusers (pictured) are about to be fitted to the ocean outfall stage of Whanganui District Council’s wastewater treatment plant. The existing diffusers have begun to deteriorate because of exposure to the elements. The new diffusers will help to ensure ideal discharge conditions prevail at the outfall. This work will safeguard the ongoing resilience and compliance of the council’s wastewater service. The outfall is the last stage of the plant’s wastewater treatment process. Treated water from the ocean outfall is reintroduced to the environment 1.5km off the Whanganui coast at South Beach. Specialist underwater construction divers from Whanganui company Commercial Dive Services are undertaking the work. This local firm has been responsible for underwater maintenance of council assets for the past three decades. Replacement of the outfall’s duckbill diffusers is part of central government’s Three Waters Stimulus Project funding that was launched in July 2020 following last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns– for more information, please visit:


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