Stratford Press - 2021-07-21


Creative kids test their floating skills


Alyssa Smith

Kids from around the district put their creative skills to the test to see if their rafts or boats would sink or float. Last week as part of the Stratford School Holiday Programme kids used a range of recycled materials to see if they could make a boat or a raft that would float in the pool. Once they made their rafts and boats, the kids put them to the test in the water and then had a swim afterwards. Amalia Harris, 5, used polystyrene and a plastic bowl for her raft. “I brought along my Poppy troll from home as well to be the captain of the ship. I liked gluing everything together and decorating it as well,” she said. Madison, 14, and Mitchell, 12, Walsh made a raft. Madison says she and her brother used barrels and pool noodles. “We put the barrels together, put an old sign made out of PVC on top.” Mitchell says he enjoyed working together. “It was fun trying to make the raft and seeing if it would float and having a swim in the pool afterwards.”


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