Thumbs Up ■ To all of the awesome events being held for Matariki. There is so much happening around the city to celebrate. ■ To the lovely service at Hello Stranger Cafe. Very welcoming and they have delicious food. ■ To all the amazing people who have put themselves forward for this year’s Harcourts Dancing for Hospice. Can’t wait to see them on stage in less than two months! ■ To seeing lots of groups, such as school groups, visiting Rotorua. It’s great to be having larger groups of people travelling around the country and visiting our city again. Thumbs Down ■ To people who seem to deliberately walk slowly across roads, as if there are no cars around in the world. ■ To drivers who hoon down roads, even with speed bumps — it’s dangerous and surely can’t be good for your car. ■ The above views are submitted by readers and are not necessarily that of the Weekender.