‘Perfect escape’ from real world

The Kaiju Preservation Societyby John Scalzi Review by Joshua






Fun. Fun. Fun. That is the only way I can describe this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone sci-fi pageturner from John Scalzi, and if you’re anything like me, you will thoroughly enjoy it too. This book is also the first I’ve read that has acknowledged the Covid-19 pandemic, in fact, the 2020 lockdown is the starting point for the plot. Don’t worry though, this book isn’t about Covid. In fact, I’d say this book is the perfect escape from the outside world, a book you can lose yourself in with lovable characters and a unique setting. If the title of this book puts you off, maybe this isn’t the book for you, because this book wears its nerdiness on its sleeve (literally), and if you are ready to embrace that, you’ll have a great time. The Very Last List of Vivian Walker By Megan Albany Review by Prue A funny, light-hearted story about dying — from the perspective of the person about to “shuffle off this mortal coil”. Vivian is something of a control freak, even though she has a terminal illness. So . . . an obvious “list maker” not only for herself but her long-suffering husband Clint, who does not seem able to complete any of his listed jobs (at least to Vivian’s satisfaction). She also makes lists for her beloved young son, Ethan. Then, of course, things come up that are not on anyone’s list, ie. attend someone else’s funeral, which of course Vivian does with accompanying amusing commentary on how the event went. What she would do for her own funeral (use the same caterers) and not do (require everyone attending the service to wear white, thereby making the whole event very “Brides of Christ”). A fun, easy read — Vivian is exceedingly witty — there are some valid observations about how people behave around those who are dying and an undercurrent of sadness at her leaving her family.