Murder, revenge and betrayal

Jill Nicholas





Over My Dead Body By Jeffrey Archer, Harpercollins, $45 .. .. .. .. With his book sales sitting at 275 million there can be no doubt Jeffrey Archer is a master wordsmith and yarn spinner. In his fourth in the William Warwick series, the Scotland Yard Detective Chef Inspector continues solving major crimes in the rarefied world of fine art collectors and dealers. Warwick’s wife curates a leading London gallery. It follows he knows a thing to two about a subject that most run-of-the mill crime busters aren’t familiar with. He’s unquestionably got the art smarts and the men and women on his team to crack the most complex of cases. The plot switches from a New York-bound luxury liner to zig-zagging across Europe. Geneva-based millionaire and convicted fraudster Miles Faulkner (met in the preceding book) is dead. How can this be if, as becomes apparent, his unscrupulous lawyer continues to represent him? It’s billed as a story of murder, revenge and betrayal — vintage Archer material which fans will delight in. The question is now he’s reached octogenarian status how much longer can Archer satisfy their thirst? Thankfully there’s no hint of him slowing down anytime soon. —