Rotorua Weekender - 2021-10-15


John Bertrand Collectables in Rotorua next week


nce again the buyers from Wellington based company John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd are coming to Rotorua next week. Mr Tony Grant from the company says “This is a great time to bring along those unwanted items you’ve sorted out during the lockdown period and turn them into cash”. Particularly wanted by the buyers are Gold and Silver (in any of its forms) and Collectables such as Old Coins and Banknotes, War Medals, Old Wind-up Watches and other interesting Old Collectables. “We are keen buyers, especially of the items in the list below” said Mr Grant. “I’m sure everyone has unearthed something we want in the past few weeks and we would like to see it! Nothing is too small for our consideration. We are just as happy to buy one item as we are buying 1,000 items”. The buyers will be in convenient locations in Rotorua next week (see details below). As Tony Grant says “if you are in any doubt about any items you wish to sell, take them along for an instant appraisal”


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