Rotorua Weekender - 2021-10-15


Collectors Need War Medals


urrently, throughout NZ and the world there is a big demand by collectors for war medals. These cover all wars right through from the New Zealand Land Wars and the Boer War, to the First and Second World Wars and the later Korea and Vietnam conflicts. New Zealand Servicemen and Women first served overseas in the Boer War in South Africa around 1900 and the war medals awarded for this service are needed by the buyers, as are any other Medals from early New Zealand and the New Zealand Wars. General service medals from both the First and Second World Wars will also be purchased, but as can be imagined these were awarded in fairly large numbers. “If a group of medals has any special award for bravery such as the Military Medal, Military or Flying Cross or other medals for Distinguished Conduct or Meritorious Service, these can add great value to a group” stated Mr Tony Grant, buyer for John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd. “Many families have old medals, some dating back to early Imperial days, that they are not sure what to do with. These are better off in the hands of collectors who will look after them. We will be happy to look at any war medals whatsoever, just bring them in to venues” he said.


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