Rotorua Weekender - 2021-04-30


With the vaccine, it’s all possible


Possibilities like keeping our way of life intact; our kids being able to learn without worrying about interruptions; or being able to plan gatherings with whānau, or team trips away, without fear of them getting cancelled. Immunity can bring us all this, as well as more certainty in our jobs, and more confidence in our businesses. With the strength of an immune system made up of all of us, together we can, and will, create more freedom, more options, and more possibilities for everyone. The COVID-19 vaccine is a triumph of modern science Creating the COVID-19 vaccines took a global effort. The world united to take on the challenge, with medical professionals and scientists from across the planet working thousands of hours to bring it to us quickly and safely. Our Pfizer vaccine works by teaching your immune system to fight off the virus. Once you’ve had both doses of the vaccine it has been shown to be up to 95% effective at stopping you from catching COVID-19. It also greatly reduces symptoms if you do catch COVID-19 – making it far less likely that you’ll fall seriously ill, or pass it on to others. Along with our existing actions like scanning QR codes with Bluetooth turned ‘on’, and staying home when you’re sick, getting the vaccine is the best way to protect Aotearoa against COVID-19. Find out which vaccination group you’re in, and what you need to know, at


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