Napier Courier - 2021-06-09


So long, hipster jeans, hello hip replacement


— Megan Banks

Today’s column is an homage to a fashion trend that has recently come back into my life that I feel needs the honour of being recognised for all of its greatness. I’m no fashion scientist, so Idon’t understand how or why things come back into fashion; I’m just pleased whenthey do. Cast your mind back to circa 2002, whenyou would go in to buy a pair of jeans and that whole process coined the phrase ‘muffin top’. Back then I thought Ihad a muffin top. Well, Iwould be happy with that now. . . because at the moment I have a triple layer cake top. Yes, itwas the rise (and should have been fall) of the low-rise jeans. The hipsters . . . or depending on what underwear you had on, they were also called the whale watchers, the thong tease. You get the idea. As my mother would’ve said, the kind of jeans where we could see what you had for breakfast. Even those with no tummy had a tummy in those kinds of jeans. So, like most of my friends, I battled through my fair share of lowrise hipsters, being anything but hip. Andthen I discovered maternity jeans, which were my favourite things for four years – of which Iwas only pregnant for 18 months. They are so comfy that they are very hard to move on from. But I eventually did and settled somewhere in between on amid-rise jean, whichwas okay – nothing outstanding, but okay. Andthen, people, the highlight of the week, last week: I went shopping for a pair of jeans. Iwalked intomy local Glassons in Napier (this is not an ad by the way, so not gifted) but they had high rise jeans. Now, I knowthe cool kids have no doubt been wearing these for years, but myself and my hips are finally happy again. My new jeans are comfy as. As I’ve grown older, and things have slid downwards, sure the waist band now sits under my underwire bra, but I don’t care. There’s no muffin top, and it’s a work out pulling up a 30cm zip. Thank you high-waisted jeans, and hopefully by the time low-rise comes around again, it will toomuch of a fashion crime to ever put me in them.


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