A timely reminder to all men that you need to look after your biggest and most important asset . . . YOUR HEA






Men, here is your chance to think a little more and learn a little more about your health. Living longer and a more enjoyable life takes a little work, but it is well worth it, and I am sure you are all up for it! Coming from a variety of public roles, ambassadors stand as proud advocates for helping Kiwi men take a closer look at their health! The following ambassadors are committed to bringing men’s health to the forefront of public awareness during the month of June. They all have one simple message “guys, be honest, are you doing the right things for your health? The people who love and depend on you sure hope so.” Scotty Morrison Broadcaster, educator, and Te Reo Maori guru Mike King Mental Health Hero, 2019 New Zealander of the Year Mark Sainsbury Journalist/ Broadcaster/ media personality Oscar Kightley Playwright, actor, director, broadcaster, man of words. Sam Wallace Radio Host, MC. Presenter Matt Chisholm Journalist, broadcaster, presenter, and storyteller. Dr Tom Mulholland Emergency Physician and Men’s Health Champion. Tom Sainsbury Comedian, playwright, and Snapchat Dude with a top sense of humour.