Pressing on thanks to businesses’ support

Glen Smith Community Publication Network GM





What an absolute privilege it has been for NZME to connect with the people right across the Manawatu¯ community and tell your stories for 50 years. The Manawatu¯ Guardian is a very important part of NZME’s Community Publication Network, delivered weekly and free to as many people as possible with a mixture of households, bulk stands and rural delivery areas across Manawatu¯ . As a free community newspaper we simply cannot tell the stories and share important community information without advertiser support. Thank you to those businesses that have and continue to see value in keeping our community connected through storytelling. We will continue to promote to our audience that they support our advertisers, they are critical to our economy and an informed and connected readership. Our NZME editors, journalists, contributors, photographers, layouts, advertising and classifieds sales staff and our printing staff past and present feel a sense of real pride in being a part of a company that has an important role keeping our community “in the know”.