How much do you know about Palmerston North?

Judith Lacy





1. Who was Palmerston North’s first mayor? 2. Who was the mayor of Palmerston North in 1972? 3. When did Massey Agricultural College become Massey University? 4. Which iwi are mana whenua of Manawatu¯? 5. Who was Palmerston North’s first female city councillor? 6. What was Te Kura o Wairau previously known as? 7. Name two of the five streets that run off Savage Crescent. 8. How many women have held the position of Massey University vicechancellor? 9. Who was Lord Palmerston after whom the city is named? 10. In which year was the New Zealand Rugby Museum founded in Palmerston North — 1969, 1979 or 1989? 11. What is the te reo Ma¯ori transliteration for Palmerston (North)? 12. Which Palmerston North school did painter Rita Angus attend? 13. St Michael’s Marae is in which Palmerston North suburb? 14. Which governor of New Zealand temporarily lived in what is now known as Caccia Birch House? 15. Peters, Raglan and Herbert avenues are in which Palmerston North suburb? 16. Palmerston North’s first public cemetery was where? 17. The Palmerston North Islamic Centre is in which central city street? 18. The postal authorities added North to the name of the Manawatu¯ town in what year? 19. Shelley St, Kipling St and Milton St are in which Palmerston North suburb? 20. About how many people lived in Palmerston North in 1972 — 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000? 21. Broad St is now called what? 22. At which Palmerston North high school did MP Tangi Utikere once teach? 23. When did Centrepoint Theatre open — 1968, 1971 or 1974? 24. Phil Skoglund, who was born in and died in Palmerston North, was known for which sport? 25. In which central city street is this mural? 26. Established in 1977, MaLGRA is New Zealand’s longest-running LGBT+ organisation. What do the initials stand for? 27. Who was the MP for Palmerston North in 1972? 28. Which prominent central-city building was often referred to as “Elwood’s battleship” or “the aircraft carrier”? 29. Which Palmerston North primary school did former All Blacks captain David Kirk attend? 30. Translate heart standing still into te reo Ma¯ori. 31. Who did Steve Maharey succeed as MP for Palmerston North? 32. On which Palmerston North street did writer Janet Frame live in the mid-1990s? 33. The site of the old St Joseph’s High School is now home to which retirement village? 34. Who created the sculpture Nga Huruhuru Rangatira — Feathers of the Chief? 35. Which serving Cabinet minister was born in Palmerston North on October 30, 1971? 36. Comedian John Clarke went to which Palmerston North primary school? 37. Alison Wall was Palmerston North’s first female what? 38. Bogdan Kominowski, who grew up in Palmerston North, is better known by what name? 39. Who was the foundation principal of Massey Agricultural College? 40. Ballroom Astoria was in which Palmerston North street? 41. What is the city council’s vision? 42. Who was known as the Mother of Palmerston North? 43. Translate tini whetu¯ ki te rangi, ko Rangita¯ne ki te whenua into English. 44. Tremaine Ave used to be called what? 45. Ian Matheson held what council role for many years? 46. Who is Palmerston North’s town crier? 47. The firm Richter, Nannestad & Jenssen was involved in which industry? 48. How old is Victoria Esplanade? 49. Who was the first Ma¯ ori city councillor in Palmerston North? 50. What is this sculpture called?