Getting expert advice early the best advice





Barrister John Goddard is improving access to justice for the people of Manawatu¯ . Goddard acts for clients in ACC, employment, harassment and bullying, construction, insurance and commercial disputes. He says the first step for his clients in any legal dispute is to identify their goal(s). After that, he recommends investing the time to identify his clients’ legal situation, and to develop an effective legal strategy to manage legal, reputational and business risks. His approach is to place people and their businesses at the centre of any dispute. He does this by empowering them to tell their side of the story in a compelling way. Goddard is an approved lead provider of civil legal aid. Legal aid for civil disputes may remove financial barriers. However, the key to success when pursuing remedies and solutions is seeking expert advice and assistance at an early stage. Talking to him can be a good start. For a confidential consultation, contact John Goddard at or call him on 027 777 1116.