Free tuition in photo printing 1840s-style





Palmerston North artist Marolyn Krasner is hosting free cyanotype workshops at Snails: Artist run spaces during May. Krasner has fallen in love with the art of cyanotype, a photographic print technique developed in the 1840s. While at Snails in Taonui St you view her exhibition Horizons, a meditation on that contemplative space that is always there if you glance your eyes far enough into the distance. The work is in honour of her mother, who died a year ago. The workshops are upstairs at Snails 11am1pm Wednesdays until Saturdays until May 28. Krasner is originally from California and has has lived in New Zealand since 2004. Her queer-focused stories, which have been published in several anthologies, are crafted to make you laugh, or not. Her novel The Radicals, about a feminist activist who is on probation for assaulting homophobes, was published in 2020. It was written in part to help the author makes sense of the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. Krasner lives with her wife Ruth, their two children and a small dog.