Katikati Advertiser - 2021-07-22


Trust tackles pressing issue of reducing family harm

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Aspecial meeting of the Katikati Rotary Club at the RSA on Monday evening was addressed by representatives of the Black Ribbon NZ Trust. The statistics around domestic and family violence are neither well studied nor widely well understood. Violence occurs when heightened emotions boil out of control. It is widely believed that this is an issue that mostly affects women. In fact it is gender neutral and far more pervasive than generally accepted. It seriously affects other vulnerable groups in our society, including babies, children, the elderly and the the disabled. This tends to be treated as an “inconvenient truth” which is not widely discussed. Perpetrators are not necessarily male and many cases are unreported or not actioned. There are currently very few dedicated support networks available to most of these vulnerable groups, which is a serious indictment on our society. The trust was set up in 2018 to promote awareness of domestic and family violence and to establish and promote programmes which directly assist communities nationwide to reduce this. The trust runs an advocacy service which provides crisis support for men who have nowhere to turn for advice and assistance. The trust plans to extend this service to support other vulnerable groups in the future. This year the Bay of Plenty Coastal Cruisers motorcycle club (based in Mount Maunganui) became the ambassadors for the Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust. One of the speakers gave a passionate and shocking account of his personal journey involving parental abuse from a very young age, learning to retaliate with violence to others, the lack of good role models and joining a gang just to survive. He only found an effective way to escape violent behaviour in mid-life. Black Ribbon can be contacted at


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