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Farewell Miriam, welcome John

Inlet News

With Teresa Sage Chair Omokoroa Community Board

The next O¯ mokoroa Community Board meeting is August 3 at 7pm at the O¯ mokoroa Library and service centre. On July 11 Western Bay of Plenty Council wished a farewell to our retiring chief executive officer, Miriam Taris. We wish her well in her future endeavours. I have personally enjoyed working with Miriam and valued her experience and knowledge. The new chief executive, John Holyoake, took up the reins after a po¯ whiri held at council chambers on Monday, July 19. We all look forward to working with him. While the O¯ mokoroa MenzShed group were unsuccessful in their bid for the old pavilion, there is a new possibility on the horizon. There is a building in O¯ mokoroa they may be able to use. They are currently in discussions with council regarding this and have asked the community board and council to consider their proposal. The board is supportive of a MenzShed here and value the contribution it could bring to the community. Our community has received our new bins. The new service has started, however not without confusion for the public. Blue bins and yellow bins have gone out on wrong weeks, streets have had bins not collected. Red tags have been put on bins for not properly attaching the “pay as you go” tags. I have sensed the frustration and confusion from the online groups, out in the community and my own household. Apparently, the tag needs to go through both red and black handles (note to husband). I am sure once the teething problems are sorted, the community will settle into the system. I would like to point out that the lovely ladies, Liz, and Leanne that work at the library and service centre are council employees and need to be valued. While they both have a wealth of knowledge regarding council matters and systems, they have the same power as every other community member in regard to decisions made at community board or council. They are hard-working and I am sad to say that I have heard that some members of the public have chosen at times to be verbally abusive towards them over systems and decision council has made. I would like to thank both Liz and Leanne personally for all the help they have given me while I have been chair on the community board (and as member of the public). I am sorry that you have been subjected to any abuse. There has been recent activity from some of the youth in O¯ mokoroa that has been brought to the attention of our police constable. I have spoken with Constable Muir and for the community to be reassured that he is aware of what is happening and working hard to find solutions. A reminder for the best ways to alert the police are if there is a threat to life or property, 111 is the number. If a crime or incident has occurred 105 can be rung or accessed online. It has become apparent that there are members of the public who wish to take matters into their own hands. While some may feel this is understandable, I would like to say this way of dealing with things will be fraught with difficulties and legal implications for those involved. It is best for the police to be made aware. While the thought is that reporting minor incidents on 105 is deemed by some pointless, the more the police are aware of what is happening in O¯ mokoroa the more the need for greater police presence can be seen. As the community grows and we have more people coming into O¯ mokoroa dynamics will change. This is inevitable; however this does not mean that this is a bad thing, it is just change. Why don’t we take a look and see if neighbours need help? Let’s take a wellbeing check on those around us and ourselves.


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