Crime mystery simmers in rural NZ

Remember Me By Charity Norman, Allen & Unwin, $32.99 .. .. .. .. .. ..

Linda Thompson Linda Thompson





Emily felt he didn't have time or interest in her. But now Emily begins to understand her father — and some awful truths about his past which may well have remained hidden. As he slips further into dementia, he begins revealing secrets. The atmosphere is revealed in this mystery which has haunted the community for 25 years. But the ending isn't at all what you think it's going to be. This was never going to be a simple story, and there are other factors at play. Beautifully written, with characters that stay long over you close the book. — We've read this story before — young New Zealand woman lives a brutal life with drugdealing boyfriend who beats her, and eventually breaks the cycle of abuse. But this one, Mead's first book, is exceptionally well written. She writes about choosing to make change in her own life because she has a son to protect. But, sadly, there's not a lot of change. Lisa first chooses a life of drinking and bad relationships and then hooks up with Tommy. She gets engaged to him, has a child. Even after escaping Tommy's brutality her next relationship is equally as flawed. I found this a compelling read because the writing is so good, but infuriating because Mead doesn't seem to learn much from her disasters, even though the book is about making change. Here's hoping this book will lead her to a successful writing career and real change. —