Life in wilds at home and abroad

The Boy From Gorge River By Chris Long, HarperCollins, $39.99 .. .. .. .. .. ..

Linda Thompson





We've heard quite a lot about Chris Long and his family lately. They lived in the remotest place in New Zealand, a two-day hike from the nearest road. His parents have written about their remote life in and where Chris and his sister Robin were raised, without electricity in the early days and making the most of their environment, living off the land for vegetables and the water for fish and crayfish. They were reliant on others with planes and vehicles to transport groceries, and grew up with toys made from driftwood and jade. Since Chris grew up and went to school in Wanaka, he's travelled to more than 60 countries, working and living in untouched environments. His upbringing has taken him on adventures all over the world. This isn't the most excitingly written book — perhaps Chris is so used to his odd life he doesn't see it that way. But what a life. —