ACROSS 5 What is the scum on the surface of molten metal called? (5) 8 What is the name of the school of witchcraft and wizardry in the Harry Potter stories? (8) 9 What is a name for the finger next to the thumb? (5) 10 In Mexican cookery, what is a thin, flat maize pancake? (8) 11 Naphthalene is used to repel what insects? (5) 14 Wearing what became a punishable offence in Turkey in 1925? (3) 16 Which famous panda arrived at London Zoo in1958? (3,3) 17 What do the Spanish call Spain? (6) 18 What is sometimes called “mother’s ruin”? (3) 20 “Olfactory” relates to what? (5) 24 What is the part of a ship providing the cheapest accommodation for passengers? (8) 25 What product’s name came from an anagrammatic acronym for “browns, seasons, thickens in one”? (5) 26 The famous luxury train, the Orient Express, ran from Paris to where? (8) 27 In Fawlty Towers, which restaurateur friend cooked the meals the night chef Kurt got drunk? (5) DOWN 1 Which mortuary colour indicates hope? (5) 2 In ancient Greece, what was a public space used for assemblies and markets? (5) 3 Which character was played on film by Alec Guinness in 1948 and Ron Moody in 1968? (5) 4 Who became British PM in 1945? (6) 6 What was Sir Winston Churchill’s father’s first name? (8) 7 Who (Dr Henry ___) invented his famous “Blue-Black Writing Fluid” in 1832? (8) 12 What was the name of Gene Autry’s horse? (8) 13 Henry Moore gained fame as a what? (8) 14 What leaf often covers the genitals on statues? (3) 15 What school of Buddhism emphasises meditation and intuition? (3) 19 Which 4,200km river in central Asia is the main tributary of the River Ob? (6) 21 Austin is the capital of which US state? (5) 22 What animals are mentioned most in the Bible? (5) 23 Which greeting soared in popularity with the advent of the telephone? (5)