Adieu Raumati, ola Portugal

Artist is selling her paintings at half price





Raumati abstract artist Tania Dally is heading off for a three-month painting stint in Portugal and is holding an exhibition of her works before she leaves. The exhibition will be held at her Boatshed Studio on Raumati Beach this weekend from Saturday, May 14-15. “I’ve called the exhibition Clear the Decks: Portugal Ahoy! because I am locking up the Boatshed for three months while in Portugal and would prefer the paintings to be out on local walls, rather than packed away in storage,” said Tania. To make the paintings as accessible as possible, Tania has everything in the studio at half price over the course of the weekend exhibition. Tania is off to Portugal early next month to settle in the Algarve region on the country’s south coast. “The plan is to find somewhere to live where I can set up a studio, get to know the local people, food, culture and landscapes and use this as the inspiration for a series of paintings.” She plans to return home in September and hold an exhibition of her Portugal paintings at her Boatshed Studio soon after. Tania produced a series of paintings inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of Vietnam, having spent three months there in 2019. “The plan was to spend each winter exploring and painting in a different country, but of course following the Vietnam trip Covid-19 had other ideas. “It’s great to be finally able to travel again, and I’m excited about drawing inspiration from the colours and scenes of Portugal while experiencing another culture.”