Hort across generations






This photograph shows the oldest and youngest members of the Ka¯piti Horticulture Society. “Tom Houston, left, is our patron and oldest member at 90, and Alex Bailey, 13, who attends Paraparaumu College where he is studying horticulture,” society president Rhonda Edwards said. “The society has been running for 111 years and was previously known as the beautifying society as the original aim was to make Ka¯piti a green paradise. “Over the years they planted thousands of trees in the streets, schools and private gardens both native pohutakawas and decorative exotics. “Progress was delayed during the war as the area was used as a training ground for American troops among other problems. By 1920 there were 65 members and the annual subscription was two shillings and sixpence. “Today the club still meets at Ocean Road monthly and is continuing the tradition of school plantings and visiting speakers.”