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Book Review

Teepees are a great outdoor place for kids to play, hide and relax. You can grow your own living teepee of climbing beans using a pyramid of bamboo poles or tomato stakes. The teepee creates a fun and sheltered area to play and provides kids with delicious and healthy garden snacks too Here are the simple steps to create your own living teepee: To build a pyramid shaped teepee, tie the top of five to 10 2m poles or stakes together with twine and push the ends well into the soil so they’re stable and secure. Make sure there’s enough room inside the teepee for the kids! Also wind the twine around the poles closer to the ground, to give the bean plants extra places to climb and help strengthen the teepee. Dig in some Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food into the soil around the base of the teepee to help give your beans a great start. Sow a few climbing bean seeds, such as Yates Beans Humongous MegaPods, at the bottom of each pole or stake, and water in well. There’s no need to water again for the next few days. The tiny seedlings will emerge in seven to 10 days and gradually climb their way up the poles. 6. Water the bean plants regularly and feed with Yates Thrive Vegie Herb Liquid Plant Food to help them grow. Yates Beans Humongous MegaPods develop enormous beans, up to 60 cm long! The pods are deliciously tasty when picked at normal size, but you can leave a couple on the plant to keep growing into mega pods! The first tasty bean pods can be picked from about 11 to 13 weeks after sowing. For more information or gardening ideas visit


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