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REMEMBER THE DAYS WHEN you had to share a room with a sibling? Inevitably at some point it involved a dividing border of some kind being employed to designate whose space was whose — or someone retreated to building a fort in a corner or in the bottom of the wardrobe. Whether we have a large home or a small apartment we all have that natural desire to carve out some space for ourselves whether it's a study, a studio or just a quiet nook to settle in with a good book. Creative use of Resene paint, with contrasting shades, shadow effects and bold geometric framing and layers of colour can all help create intimate spaces within larger areas or give the illusion of more space in a confined area. Here are some of our favourite ideas for space creation without the construction. A conversation corner If you have a large living or gathering area in your home or just a box shaped room without many architectural features, you can paint in eye-catching features to create a more intimate space. Position a couch or armchairs how you want them and let the shape of them guide the shape of the space. Paint a geometric or freehand shape around the walls to frame the furniture and “separate” your cosy space from the rest of the room. Consider taking that contrasting colour shape across the ceiling and even the floor if you don't have carpet. If you do have floor coverings you don't want to paint, think about a rug in a similar tone to your wall colour for a similar effect. When it comes to colour choice, shades that complement your furniture and contrast with the rest of the room will really make your selected space stand out. For example, if you have neutral Resene Alabaster walls in the rest of the living area, think about a bold corner or geometric frame in Resene Mondo. Or flip the contrast around. If you have dark walls make your colour “room” light and bright. If you have Resene Indian Ink on the walls, furnish your separate space in warm shades of grey and cream such as Resene Atmosphere and Resene Athens Grey so your eye is drawn to the area. Add to the dramatic effect with lamps or overhead lighting that casts a warm spotlight on your room within a room. This colour-zone concept can also be an excellent way to make otherwise under-used areas of your home feel inviting. If you have a wide, open landing at the top of your stairs, you could create a cosy library; a luxurious cocktail lounge or simply a second TV/gaming area for teens, all by adopting a fresh colour scheme and using it to define a new area. Faking a foyer Not all homes or apartments come blessed with grand entrance ways or even a simple space to leave a wet coat and umbrella. With some imaginative use of paint and furnishings it is possible to create a functional “fake” foyer, without taking up too much precious space. If your front or back door opens to a long hallway, portion off a section up against the door — about 60-75cm if you have it — and paint it a different colour, on both walls, as well as around the door and even the ceiling and floor if you choose. To avoid the hallway feeling truncated, consider using a lighter tone of your hall colour for the foyer space. For example, if you have Resene Quarter Tea on the hallway walls, use Resene Half Tea or Resene Tea on your foyer section. A darker shaded foyer will make your hallway appear lighter and inviting as you walk in the door. Add painted coat hooks, a shoe rack and even a narrow console table in similar tones such as Resene Napa or Resene Eighth Tea so the space doesn't seem too cluttered and is still connected to the rest of the hallway. For added drama this can be a great opportunity to go bold with your front door colour. Resene Moroccan Spice is a beautiful, warm choice to complement the Resene Tea range. This same principle also works if your exterior door opens into the corner of a kitchen or directly into your living room. Paint out a corner near the door in a contrast colour to create the illusion of a cupboard and add your coat hooks and boot racks as space allows. Design idea: If you have the space, a large, tall planter can work well as an umbrella stand. Resene FX Paint Effect medium is a great way to add some texture and design flair, whether it's colour washing, a marbled effect, sponging or adding a splash of metallic. or talk to the colour expert at your local Resene ColorShop for more information. Step into Narnia The idea of creating rooms within rooms, with paint and design effects can be a brilliant way of adding a little magic escapism to children's bedrooms. Paint a border around a corner of the bedroom that takes in the walls, ceiling and floor to create three-dimensional space. That painted border — which could be a simple line, or a beautiful design depending on how artistic you're feeling — works as the doorway into a different world. Everything on the corner side of that border should be a part of its own world. It could be a lost dinosaur world with exotic plants in the form of Resene Wallpaper Collection HX7-050 on the walls and scattered with painted stone fossils and toy dinosaurs. Go for an underwater theme, creating a colour washed blue water effect with Resene FX Paint Effects medium mixed with Resene Tropical Blue and Resene Bondi Blue and paint on starfish or add mermaids with Resene Boys and Girls 6 Wallpaper Collection 30569-1. For more ideas and inspiration visit your Resene ColorShop, nz/colorshops, and view the latest looks online,


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