Kapiti News - 2021-10-13




CRASHMAT KIDS - Walking to 3 years (free trials dont apply to this class) Crashmat Kids classes are 45 minutes. Parents participate with their child, as they self-navigate their way through fun circuits and through the amazing gym facility, improving balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness as they explore. POCKET ROCKETS - 3 & 4 years Pocket Rocket classes run throughout the term and are 45 mins, focusing on developing childrens fundamental motor skills, body awareness and confidence using a variety of soft equipment, trampolines, circuits, games and movement to music. Our preschool badge programme (Levels 1 -10) give recognition for achieving a new skill and ensuring one on one interaction with the class teacher. GRAVITY BUSTERS - 5 to 15 years The Gravity Busters class is 60 minutes. Each child works on badges covering levels 1 to 10 – each badge providing a new challenge. This class focuses on springing, landing, rotation, balance, strength, flexibility, confidence, self-esteem and fun. TUMBLING - 7 years and above Learn skills such as Round Offs, Handsprings, Flick Flacks, Forward and Backward Somersaults and Twisting. Beginner tumblers will learn the correct technique and execution of round-offs, handsprings and much more. New enrolments must be at least 7 years old or above, and be able to competently achieve a handstand, cartwheel, backward roll, dive roll and bridge. FREE RUNNING - 5 to 18 years Free running classes will teach students how to develop free running skills (similar to parkour) with safety in mind. Skills will involve a wide range of vaulting, flips, rolling, spinning, hanging, jumping and swinging. We have a structured programme covering levels 1-10 TRAMPOLINE - 5 to 15 years Trampoline classes run for 60 minutes and focus on safety, technique, basic skills such as drops and jump combinations, summersaults and flick flacks. Trampoline classes are great for fun and fitness allowing you to advance at your own rate! HOLIDAY PROGRAMME - 5 to 15 years (free trials dont apply) Bigair Gymsports amazing holiday programme has become so popular over the last 3-4 years. Your children can expect to be active all day with games, gymnastics and free play as part of the routine.


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