Let the sunshine in

How to bring yellow into your home





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YELLOW IS ONE COLOUR that is guaranteed to lift your mood. Associated with warmth, hope and happiness, it’s a joyful tone that will elevate any room. You can enjoy how this warming hue radiates during the daytime, before sitting back and getting cosy within its comforting elegance in the evenings. Start your mornings the right way with a dose of yellow on your bedroom walls; invigorating yellows include the orangeyellow of Resene Golden Glow. When paired with white trims, the entire scheme resonates with freshness and crispness. Turmeric, mustard and marigold tones are deeper forms of yellow, with more of a golden foundation. These colours bring an earthly energy to a home, and such ochre tones are gaining prominence and popularity with their cosy, protective feel and inherent character. The warming gold of Resene Tulip Tree, the honey of Galliano or yellow orange of Buttercup are relaxing and calming. This is ideal for kitchens where you can wake up to breakfast in a warm glow or in a living room where it is comforting. Grubbier, darker versions are also taking the limelight, such as the rich ochre of Resene Pirate Gold or the intense Fuel Yellow. These resonate well with pops of indigo, brown-based off-white and rich taupe. Golden yellows will give your home a pick-me-up feel, especially with Resene Golden Sand or Chenin. For a softer, more buttery feel adopt shades such as Mellow Yellow, Essential Cream or Chamois. If a bright, intense citrus tone is more suited, go for the lime-based Resene Canary, paired with violet-pink of Ballerina, the retro-inspired blue of Bowie and the blue-toned grey of Bali Hai. Or if buttery yellows are more to your liking, use the sweet tones of Sweet Corn or the toasted yellow of Moonbeam. Pale tones such as Resene Moon Glow or First Light have also claimed their place in modern settings with their delightful barely-there tones. Resene Moon Glow pairs beautifully with Tara or Resene White. First Light has a hint of green, Half Melting Moment exudes a golden sunshine and the soft pastel of Cornfield is gentle and pretty. All of these subtle yellows bring a cheerful setting to a bedroom without overpowering it. Combined with plenty of texture for interest and fresh white trims, this will result in a quite sanctuary that speaks volumes. Yellows will intensify the more you use. If in doubt, choose the lighter of the options you are planning. Or if you aren’t ready for a completely yellow interior on all four walls, then start with small steps by way of scattered spots of colour. Yellow accents play an elegant and refined role when placed within a backdrop of taupe and whites. Colour-block your walls with taupe and white and then tie in yellow cushions or throws to enliven your setting. Accents can enrich your interior in other ways too — create a stand-out feature in your pale bathroom with a yellow vanity. Or make your staircase rail pop by painting it a yellow, or a single door in your home a beautiful buttercup hue. These unexpected elements of yellow have a positive effect, bringing a new energy to an otherwise plain aesthetic. Alternatively, if you have rich yellow walls, accent colours such as charcoal, black or rich brown will provide a modern, chic effect. Or bring in earthy terracotta and soft browns for a more grounded feel. One perfect partner is grey. Its restrained nature calms down the intensity of yellow, while the cheerful disposition of yellow adds another dimension to grey. Remember, you can complement your chosen yellow with beautiful blinds or curtains. Plain or patterned, these can be made out of new fabric or with vintage materials, tying in with other textiles within the room for a graphic effect that will add another impressive dimension to the space. Also, consider the light levels in the room you’re applying yellow to. If your room receives little natural light, your yellow might appear dirty and not as attractive as you’d initially thought. Spaces that get plenty of afternoon sun will glow with clarity.