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The Winter Energy Payment starts soon. This is an extra payment to help with the cost of heating your home over winter. If you’re single, you’ll get an extra $20.46 a week. Couples and people with dependent children will get an extra $31.82 a week. Couples are paid $63.64 a fortnight and it’s paid to one person in the couple – unfortunately it can’t be split but it can be switched to another person’s account. Payments will start from 1 May and continue until 1 October 2022. If you’re getting a single rate and caring for any children under 18, please get in touch with the MSD which may be able to pay you at a higher rate. As the Winter Energy Payment starts part way through the pay period, your first payment will be less than the full amount. You’ll get a part payment on 10 May, and you’ll be paid the full amount in the following payment. The Winter Energy Payment won’t affect other payments you receive from MSD and isn’t considered income (for tax purposes). If you’d prefer not to get this payment, just let the MSD know and they’ll stop it for you. Travelling overseas while getting the Winter Energy Payment If you’re heading away from New Zealand over the winter months, MSD can keep paying your Winter Energy Payment for up to 28 days. Tell them if you plan to leave New Zealand for more than 28 days, otherwise they may pay you too much and have to ask for some money back. The easiest way to let them know is to either: • Fill out and submit the overseas travel dates online form • Call the Seniors line on 0800 552 002.