Gumboot run still hopes to top $25k





Taranaki dairy farmer and rural fitness expert Kane Brisco is no stranger to physical activity, but he outdid himself over the weekend by running 50km in his trusty Red Band gumboots. “I’m not actually too sure how I pulled it off at the end of the day. I guess a high pain tolerance helps!” he told The Country’s Jamie Mackay. Brisco is the man behind Gumboot Run NZ, a fundraiser which encouraged people to pull on their gummies and go for a run or walk to raise money for mental health charities, Will to Live and I Am Hope. The event took place between April 29 and May 1, with an option for those who “may not be so keen to run around in gumboots” to donate on Gumboot Run NZ’s Givealittle page https:/ / wwwgumbootrunconz Brisco said the run was a personal challenge for him, to “lead by example” and encourage others to take part. “The big motivator for me was to get other people out there in their gumboots doing something nationwide.” His efforts paid off and Brisco was “absolutely blown away” by the response across the country. “We had well over 500 people join the movement and get out over the weekend and put their gummies on.” Brisco was also proud to say participants “clocked up not far shy of 5000km” overall, including a few “huge efforts” from “humans walking in their gumboots”. Those humans included Steven England, who walked 64km or “probably half the length of Taranaki” and Ryan Nicolson who managed 69km — after he took a bus to Wellington and walked home around the coast, Brisco said. Brisco’s goal was to raise more than $25,000 and his Givealittle page was open for another 45 days for those who still wished to donate. He also had a few auctions coming up with items donated from sponsors to help reach the $25,000 goal. “It’s been a huge effort and it’s really humbling to see so many people support it.” While Brisco ran Farm Fit NZ, where he shared stretches and exercises to help other farmers — running in gumboots was a different matter. “I’ve got a nice, nasty blister on the balls of my feet at the moment. It certainly adds another element to endurance running, that’s for sure.” However, Brisco still had some tips for anyone interested in taking it up. “Double-socking is important to try to fill out the gumboot, so you don’t get slippage and also make sure you have your socks up above the line of the gumboot so they don’t cut through your leg. “It’s a bit of an art form, to be honest.”