Across 1. Initially Spode found it difficult to make a bit of pottery (5) 4. Scheme Edward followed showing evidence to have been ‘fixed’ (7) 8. They seek to ban bail too: insist on changing it (13) 10. Polishing medium merely appears to have lost initial lustre (5) 11. Where there’s ice, don’t begin to do what Prohibition forbade (4) 12. Changes made as to the Painted Porch (4) 16. I’m to be around university to fill my mind (5) 17. Though I can’t be upset I burp, malt beer being around (13) 19. Infuriated by having to change gear in the finish (7) 20. Lived almost well though in extremes of debt (5) Down 1. Rehearsal using only the black keys is an underhanded business (5,8) 2. A turn from the past (3) 3. Chauffeur may be used by a golfer (6) 4. I’d pose like this when standing ready for action (6) 5. Girl giving nothing but a heartless ‘Yes’, which is aggravating (6) 6. Try a vesta for an international event (4,5) 7. Priest managed to alter such slighting talk (13) 9. It is rough, but it will make things smooth (9) 13. One could give girl nothing that’s well out at sea (3-3) 14. Be plentiful as a leap can be (6) 15. First waterfowl declined to look like a duck’s foot (6) 18. State for one not drawing an opponent in Derby event (3)