Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-10-14




Across 1. Picture-taking with right hand: happy to go about it (11) 8. One might trace son to him, from one’s past (8) 9. A pin of ale contains ten (4) 10. Luxuriate in the return of the bar (5) 13. Rome’s river has lost its heart for a row (4) 16. Impressive tale that starts every passage in chronicle (4) 17. Throw stones, and hide (4) 18. Military right to be involved in May manoeuvres (4) 20. There’s room for action the South can deal with (5) 24. A lump of earth that may turn cold (4) 25. Four involved in a fleshly, festive occasion (8) 26. Bracelet Roy ordered by way of festivity (11) Down 2. Pawn some German white wine (4) 3. Time taken in blending teas for flavour (5) 4. Will almost humble oneself at a group of trees (5) 5. Some industrial machinery to put in the garden (5) 6. Upkeep of team nine can sort out (11) 7. Better lager may be brewed, but that is to be rued (11) 11. Ultraviolet, Sir, with which one might get infected (5) 12. A branch that comes to nothing in a place of uncertainty (5) 14. Encountered one coming up with a piece of news (4) 15. Business concern will rise slightly in price at the Stock Exchange (4) 19. How one might sing some pretty ode loudly (5) 21. A professorial appointment taken by one who presides (5) 22. There’s nothing in a glass of beer made from the wine grape (5) 23. Is finished with a surplus copy (4)


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