Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-10-14


Artist puts the environment in frame


Rebecca Mauger To register your art entry go to

Look closely . . . there are messages in Simone Warn’s art. The Waikino artist is concerned about the environment and sneaks in text to highlight those issues in much of her abstract artwork. She’s one of the artists contributing to the Art Waikino exhibition and sale. Simone, an interior design consultant, says she is influenced by Kiwi artist Nigel Brown who incorporates humans, their surroundings and environment into his work. “I like to introduce text into my works as well. If I can get a message across in my work, I will. “Such as, one of mine is called Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong and I’ve picked those words to highlight that someone else’s beliefs and opinions may be different to yours, and that is okay. During lockdown there were so many opinions going around — it was time to listen.” Another artwork is about deforestation. “The text says ‘take the land and how will the trees grow, take the trees and where will the birds go?”’ Her artwork is at times large scale and is “not pretty”, she says, “but has appeal with texture, colour and boldness.” Art Waikino was the first exhibition she entered, about 10 years ago. “It’s a really great event for emerging artists because it is very relaxed and informal and they get a lot of people through the doors.” She hasn’t painted much in the past four years, but found herself creating again during lockdown. “Everyone was a little apprehensive and for me, painting is a nice way of relaxing.” She’ll be putting six artworks into the annual exhibition. Art Waikino exhibition Artists looking to get their work exhibited, admired and ultimately sold are encouraged to register for the annual Art Waikino. Art Waikino — a fundraiser for the local hall — is a wonderful opportunity for artists to have their work seen and sold, says one of the organisers, Nola Boldy. The art exhibition has been going for 21 years. Nola says the event raises funds needed for general upkeep and maintenance of the hall. “It’s our one and only hall, we are very fortunate as not all communities have their own hall. We’re lucky to have it and want to preserve it.” Nola says Art Waikino has been extremely successful with artists nationwide keen to exhibit, and is well supported by the public. There are four categories — painting, photography, sculpture and even handcraft for all forms of handmade crafts. Waikino School children, too, can submit their artwork for display. Waikino Hall Committee is putting the call out for artists to get their registration in before October 21.


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