Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-10-14


Three Waters Government power grab


Scott Simpson Coromandel MP Opinion

After public meetings in Tairua, Waihi, Whitianga and Whangamata, people have made their voices heard: the Government must ditch its Three Waters reforms. It’s becoming clear the reforms are simply the next step in this government’s desire to centralise and control local assets. Generations of ratepayers have paid for these assets and the Government wants effectively to nationalise these into four massive regional water entities. There would be almost no local democracy or involvement from local councils. I’m deeply opposed to this plan as it would strip locals of their ability to manage their water. Improving the country’s water infrastructure will be an ongoing issue, but the problem needs to be tackled on a local level because each region has different needs, different existing infrastructure and future challenges. I’ll also be attending two public meetings this weekend to discuss these reforms, please come along and have your say. I’ve now had both doses of the vaccine. The process was efficient and professional. The jab itself took only a few seconds and then a brief waiting period. All in all I was impressed with the system and how it worked. No side effects apart from a little tenderness on my arm where I had been jabbed, but that lasted less than 24 hours. I strongly encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated to do so. National released a comprehensive plan to tackle Covid19, which sets out a pathway to move away from blunt restrictions such as lockdowns. Underpinning this plan is the need to achieve high levels of vaccination. When we reach that target we can finally end the misery of MIQ lotteries and begin to reunite all those New Zealanders who have been separated for far too long. I’m encouraging young people aged 16 to 18 across the electorate to apply to be the area’s Youth MP. This is a terrific opportunity for those who feel they can make a difference by raising awareness of the issues facing young people in New Zealand. The role culminates in a twoday Youth Parliament 2022 event which gives participants the chance to experience the workday of an MP, such as attending select committees and speaking in the Debating Chamber. For those wishing to apply please email a video titled ‘Why you should select me to be Coromandel’s Youth MP’ to or tag me in your post on Facebook. The Selection process is open now and entries close on November 12.


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