There are wide-ranging benefits of double glazing your home. By choosing the right double glazing solution for your home, you can capture the double glazing benefits that are important for you. Make sure you contact one of our glass specialists advertised on our Trades & Services pages. Warmer in Winter The insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside. With up to 50% of a home’s heat lost through its windows and doors, double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss, resulting in increased comfort and savings on power bills. The reduction in heat loss through your glass can be up to 81 %. Cooler in Summer In the same way that the insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures out, it also reduces the impact of hot temperatures. This results in a cooler home in summer, with less need for cooling systems and a more energy efficient house to run. Double glazing is a highly selective glass, being designed to reject a significant level of the Sun’s heat while letting in plenty of visible light. Control Condensation Condensation forms when warm air is cooled. In the case of a window, the moisture in the air condenses on the glass forming what can be significant amounts of water, and may also result in mould and mildew. Where the window has only single glazing, the cool temperature on the outside transfers easily to the inside and condensation occurs rapidly. Story Credit: The Double Glazing Company