● Fiordland flooding, February 3-4 2020: 1000mm of rain in 50 hours causes significant flooding and road damage, isolating Milford Sound and trapping tourists. Insurance cost: $29.6m. ● Canterbury flooding, May 29-31 2021: 300mm to 400mm over 48 hours causes widespread damage to roads, bridges and farms. Insurance cost: $46.4m. ● West Coast flooding, July 15-17 2021: A forecast 330mm to 380mm of rain cuts off Westport, resulting in 2000-plus residents being evacuated. Insurance cost: $97.2m. ● Canterbury winds, September 12-13 2021: Winds up to 130km/h hit exposed parts of the Canterbury high country, downing powerlines, trees, fences and flipping vehicles. Insurance cost: $36.5m ● West Coast flooding, February 1-3, and Taranaki flooding, February 5-6 2022: An estimated 500 to 800mm falls in Westland, with hundreds of people evacuated; the rain then moves upcountry, exceeding 400mm in parts of Taranaki. Insurance cost: not known. ● East Coast flooding, March 23 2022: Inland rain exceeds 300mm in places, and widespread damage to property and infrastructure includes the bridge at Tokomaru Bay being washed out. Insurance cost: $79.6m ● East Coast flooding, April 12-13 2022: Tropical Cyclone Fil hammers the same district again, with 150-200mm of rain falling in some places in 24 hours. Insurance cost: not known.