Students brave the weather for planting

130 plants dug in at both Aramoana and Pourerere





Omakere School students took part in their annual beach planting recently “amidst the wind, zooming clouds, and unexpected rain”. This year the school decided to plant at both Aramoana and Pourerere on the same day, planting about 130 plants at each of the beach sites. Students said the highlight of the day was the members of each beach community and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council representatives that joined them for both plantings. “Together we achieved all the planting we had planned, enjoyed new friendships and catching up with old friends, collected rubbish along the way and learnt about sand dunes, erosion, native plants, and environmental manaakitanga,” said a student representative. The school thanked CHB District Council for donated rubbish bags to clean up any rubbish they found, and the beach communities for working with the tamariki. The councils, communities and student planters ask that the public remember to “please use walkways so the plants can flourish and save the dunes”.